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We are determined to combat the
biggest threats to marine environments.

Our mobile OSRV was conceptualized to not only get to a spill’s location faster, but to also clean, separate and provide for removal and transporation of the recovered oil faster than any existing alternatives. We are now working to set the industry standard for oil spill recovery in terms of saving time, reducing costs, and minimizing environmental damage.




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Meet the Balaena

Our mobile and self-propelled Oil Spill Recovery Vessel (OSRV) can recover spills in a wide array of marine environments including flat water, running currents, and chop. Our current vessel can store on board up to 1,800 gallons of recovered product for transport to dockside for offloading.

On larger spills using our system integrated crude oil-transfer pumps, we can discharge recovered oil to transport barges or bladder bags with no interruption to our collection process.

Why Balaena?

Response time is the determining factor for a disaster’s impact and damage, which is why we’ve developed a self-propelled, mobile OSRV that will not only get the job done, but it will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

How It Works

As the vessel collects oils and other harmful pollutants, it discards clean water as a byproduct. We call this our non-emulsifying separation process. The result is an unprecedented oil-to-water ratio, and helps us cover more surface area in a shorter amount of time.

If a small oil spill is within the Balaena’s capacity, the vessel can simply de-ballast after substantial oil collection, and then safely transport the recovered oil to shore. At this point, the oil is transferred to a storage tank for disposal or treatment.

During cleanup of a larger oil spill, the vessel utilizes an on-board crude oil transfer pump. This helps transfer the water’s oil into the transport barges or bladder bags. As this happens, the pump offloads the recovered oil into the barges or bags for further disposal or treatment.

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