Cleaning Our World’s Waters

Cleaning Our World’s Waters

Our patented automated recovery system

We have a responsibility to clean up
the messes that we make as a society.

Our organization was founded on the belief that oil spills don’t have to be as disastrous as they’ve been in the past. And with our proprietary OSRV technology, a first of its kind in the oil spill recovery industry, we are able to change the way that oil spills are resolved and treated.

Who We Are

We are dedicated to cleaning the world’s waters utilizing our patented skimming technology.

Cleaning Our World’s Waters

 Whether you’re working in wetlands or offshore, our patented technology will enable you to respond faster and recover more assets, all without filtration or consumables. We can store our solution on the Balaena® vessel or discharge to adjacent storage vessels; and operate it through either remote control or in autonomous mode.

Quick to Respond

Easy Highway Transportation

Versatile Boat

Powerful Oil/
Water Intake

What We Do

We manufacture Patented Automated Skimming Products that Clean our World’s Waters.


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