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Innovating within the oil recovery industry to
create long-term environmental benefits

Balaena was conceived with the objective to significantly improve our response to environmental water hazards with an initial focus on oil spills. Our chief product is an efficient and innovative Oil Spill Response Vessel (OSRV). This vessel meets our primary objective of improvement while dramatically reducing cost of a spill by the speed of recovery, high oil to water recovery ratios, and minimizing subsequent damage to the environment.

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Our Story

After seeing the Macondo Oil Spill, Balaena founder Russell Covington felt an urgent call to action: For ourselves, our communities, and our planet, we must rethink how we respond to oil spills.

He put plans in motion for a mobile OSRV that would not only get to a spill’s location faster, but would also clean, separate and store the damaged oil faster than any existing alternatives. Balaena is the fruit of those efforts. It was brought to life with a clear goal: To develop a cleaner, safer, and more efficient way to address oil spills and recovery.

Now, Balaena is on track to set the industry standard for oil spill recovery in terms of saving time, reducing costs, and minimizing environmental damage.