UKEIRE Webinar

During the UKEIRE Specialist Vessels for Use in Spill Response Webinar, Balaena, Inc. had an engaging segment from the 26:45 mark through 40:45. We began by sharing the origin of our name, Balaena, which is Latin for “whale,” symbolizing our commitment to protecting marine life and oceanic environments. Read more about that here.

We continued with the webinar highlighting our state-of-the-art spill response solutions, emphasizing the effectiveness in mitigating the impact of oil spills and other hazardous incidents. Balaena showcased our “Specialist Small vessels” specifically designed for spill response operations.

The webinar attendees gained valuable insights into how Balaena’s technology can be utilized in real-world scenarios to effectively respond to spills and minimize environmental damage.

The recording is available at: 

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