Balaena was pleased to have a virtual presentation for Brent Koza, The State of Texas General Land Office Scientific Support Coordinator Research and Development for Oil Spill Prevention and Response. The presentation was aimed at an overview of the Balaena technology to help educate the State of Texas on the abilities being provided by the Balaena vessel to the oil spill response community. We were able to demonstrate the unique features of the Balaena vessel in shallow water pods, for areas less than 3’ deep, and the Balaena vessel’s advancing mode, stationary mode, and floating backwards with the current. Ohmsett test results were discussed and we were able to talk about the fact that our oil/water ratio for discharged oil was greater than 98%. Many other features were mentioned and discussed; such as using recycled water to flood the wetlands and use recycled water for fire-fighting capabilities in our future production models which will include 8 ½’ x 30’ inland model for protected waters and a 45-60’ model for partially-protected waters, as well as collection pods to be used with the vessels or a container model for land based operations or areas a vessel is not able to access.

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