MSRC Response

Balaena’s innovative technology has been making waves in the industry. The Vice President of the Gulf Region at the Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC), Mike Walker, has expressed keen interest in the technology and looks forward to testing it in an actual spill event.

“We are very interested in seeing Balaena’s vessel in action in a real spill event and look forward to activating Balaena to join an MSRC response the next opportunity we have. What is particularly appealing about Balaena’s innovative technology is their skimmers’ high recovery rate of oil. One of the biggest challenges in oil spill response has always been sufficient on-water storage capacity to support skimming operations because of the large amount of water that is skimmed along with oil. Balaena has shown they can improve oil recovery rate in a test environment and we look forward to demonstrating the technology in a response under real world conditions.” – Mike Walker, Vice President, Gulf Region, MSRC

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