News from ISCO – February 2023

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In response to the ISCO Newsletter excerpt concerning Nurdles, I would like to let you know that Balaena technology was demonstrated with 3mm plastic pellets aka “nurdles” at Ohmsett this past November and is able to recover floating plastic pellets and discharge them simultaneous to collection. We recently built a prototype “skimmer” which incorporates the same patented technology as our vessel and now is offered in a smaller, 850gpm skid mounted all in one unit for remote deployment via trailer or lift the skid unit and set on a barge for inland cleaning. The process is autonomous and we are really excited about our testing back at Ohmsett, the week of February 27th. I am attaching a video of our process recovering 3mm plastic pellets aka “nurdles” for you to see. Look forward to hearing how we may further educate the market on our achievements.

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ISCO Feb Newsletter

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