Interspill 2022 – Amsterdam

Interspill is one of the world’s largest oil spill events, providing a platform for experts, scientists, and organizations to come together and discuss the latest trends and technology in the industry. This year, the event was held in Amsterdam, and Balaena was there to showcase our innovative solutions.

We demonstrated our latest technology at the event; showcasing our ability to deploy effective oil containment booms, skimmers, and other equipment that can help control and mitigate oil spills. Our solutions are designed to be environmentally friendly, making us a preferred choice for many organizations around the world.

Interspill 2022 provided Balaena with the opportunity to meet with other industry leaders and discuss ways to improve our technology and services. The event also allowed us to showcase our solutions to potential clients and partners, enabling us to expand our reach and strengthen our position in the market.

Overall, Interspill 2022 was a successful event for Balaena and the oil spill response industry as a whole. The event highlighted the importance of investing in innovative solutions that can help protect our oceans and environment from the devastating effects of oil spills.

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