Balaena to Use OXE Engines

BALAENA CONNECTS WITH OXE CEO | SEPTEMBER 20th, 2022 OXE manufacturers the world’s widest range of horsepower options of any diesel outboard manufacturer in the world. With unparalleled torque and relentless power, their outboard engine options combine the reliability and endurance of marine inboards with the flexibility and agility of outboard engines, and impressive maneuverability. […]

UKEIRE Webinar

During the UKEIRE Specialist Vessels for Use in Spill Response Webinar, Balaena, Inc. had an engaging segment from the 26:45 mark through 40:45. We began by sharing the origin of our name, Balaena, which is Latin for “whale,” symbolizing our commitment to protecting marine life and oceanic environments. Read more about that here. We continued […]

Official Members of the UK & Ireland Spill Association

Balaena, Inc is proud to announce that we have become a member of the UK & Ireland Spill Association. Check out our Member Highlight in the latest issue by clicking the button below. Spill Alert – Quarterly Newsletter

Balaena LLC – Development & Testing of a New Type of OSRV

Following successful testing at Ohmsett last year, Balaena, LLC is bringing to market revolutionary new technology for oil spill and surface contaminant recovery. The vessel has demonstrated high performance potential during both stationary and advancing collection, achieving a 98%+ oil (<2% water) discharge ratio, and requiring no consumables (e.g., pads, discs, belts, or brushes). Optimizations […]

New technology developed in Orange County for cleaning up oil spills

Balaena, LLC of Orange, Texas has produced a new form of oil collection technology. The Balaena Express vessel has been in development for about 10 years and draws from experiences the team had cleaning up the Alvenus oil spill in 1984 and the Macondo spill in 2010. The vessel is different from other skimming technology […]

Proof of Concept Testing of a Self-Propelled Oil Skimming Vessel

During the week of April 12, 2021, Oversea, LLC of Orange, Texas brought the Balaena prototype skimming vessel to Ohmsett to evaluate the performance of the novel oil collection technology. Using the near real-world conditions of the Ohmsett test tank, the team was able to use significant volumes of actual oil to collect data on […]

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