MSRC Response

Balaena’s innovative technology has been making waves in the industry. The Vice President of the Gulf Region at the Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC), Mike Walker, has expressed keen interest in the technology and looks forward to testing it in an actual spill event. “We are very interested in seeing Balaena’s vessel in action in […]

Interspill 2022 – Amsterdam

Interspill is one of the world’s largest oil spill events, providing a platform for experts, scientists, and organizations to come together and discuss the latest trends and technology in the industry. This year, the event was held in Amsterdam, and Balaena was there to showcase our innovative solutions. We demonstrated our latest technology at the […]

Official Members of the UK & Ireland Spill Association

Balaena, Inc is proud to announce that we have become a member of the UK & Ireland Spill Association. Check out our Member Highlight in the latest issue by clicking the button below. Spill Alert – Quarterly Newsletter

Clean Waterways, Pittsburgh, PA

Balaena participated in Clean Waterways annual event, held at the David L Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA. It is these shows by Access Intelligence LLC ( that Balaena began displaying back in 2015. Russell Covington traveled the show circuit garnering support for his bold idea that can truly change the approach to oil spill […]

MSRC, Lake Charles

Balaena demonstrated their response vessel to all STARs Contractors and MSRC personnel, as well as representatives from state agencies, USCG and BSSE. We enjoyed a great Old School Crawfish Boil hosted by Mike Walker and MSRC. It was a great day on the water answering questions and displaying the Balaena vessel.

Why “Balaena”?

Humpback Whale Calf

You might be curious how we came about with the name Balaena. It actually takes its name from the Baleen family of whales. These whales are known for their ability to take in vast amounts of water and food while maintaining their food source and ejecting the water through their gills. This unique ability inspired […]


Joseph Thomas hosted a virtual presentation, introducing Balaena which has new, high efficiency oil recovery technology for use in spills in water. They have developed a small prototype vessel that rapidly recovers spilled oil from the water surface and are working on further prototypes to handle burning oil, plastics/trash, and toxic algae blooms. This presentation […]

BSSE- ERSP Presentation

As many in our industry are aware, BSSE has been targeting a new (more efficient) way of measuring worst case scenario discharge response plans. In the past, OPA 90 has enacted the EDRC or Effective Daily Recovery Capacity for measuring the amount of oil a “skimmer” is rated to recover in a given time period, […]

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