BSSE- ERSP Presentation

As many in our industry are aware, BSSE has been targeting a new (more efficient) way of measuring worst case scenario discharge response plans. In the past, OPA 90 has enacted the EDRC or Effective Daily Recovery Capacity for measuring the amount of oil a “skimmer” is rated to recover in a given time period, typically BPD or barrels per day. This is also known as a name plate. Now BSSE has come up with a calculator known as the Effective Recovery System Potential, which is exactly what the Balaena vessel is. The Balaena vessel is a system of our patented OSRV, work boat and multiple recovery barges (depending on distance/time needed to recover).

CRREL, Under Ice Scenario

Balaena was introduced to the Army Corp of Engineers, CRREL when it was determined they had the ability to test for oil recovery under ice. Balaena is excited to begin the journey of understanding how the Balaena technology will help bring relief to current messy and time consuming methods of cleaning up oil spills under ice.

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